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You won't believe the trouble weather can get into. Luckily, WunderFriends can count on each other to stick together. You can see a few of our funny moments here. To get your hyper-local full weather story and forecast, make sure to visit our city pages - be sure to add it to your favorites so that you can always stay on top of the conditions. Don't worry, we'll still be here.

Meet the WunderFriends


Humorous and outgoing, Tubby is unpredictable, moves quickly and is always on the go.


Claude can be found floating around the neighborhood and is always looking for the silver lining - he never lets anything bring him down.


An early riser, Solita has boundless energy and always brightens someone’s day.


Practical and handy, Brutus is usually in charge and has been know to light up a room.

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Our WunderFriends love the seasons and holidays, and of course celebrating them, what's your favorite season and holiday?

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